On Thursday the 15th of August, St Joseph’s Primary school in Collingwood, Melbourne gathered for a whole school mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. Two students of the school, Brandon and Benji also celebrated their baptisms into the faith.

It was a beautiful ceremony for the whole school community to be a part of, not only sharing faith but officially welcoming two newcomers into God’s family. How fitting that they should join when we celebrate Mary entering heaven, body and soul. Her strength and faith will be with them throughout their entire lives; their faith journey’s will be accompanied by her, just as ours are!

While the assumption is not explicitly mentioned in the bible, it is a tradition that has been handed down from the earliest days of the church. Mary was assumed body and should into heaven because she is special to God – she said Yes! God also wanted to show to us what awaits all of us; bodily resurrection through Jesus.

All parishes have their own characters, activities, and special quirks that make them just a little bit different, a little bit special compared to everyone else. St John Bosco in Engadine, (about 35km south of Sydney) is no different! It is an incredibly active parish with a vibrant community, that sees a wide range of people come together to form the parish community. It has all the trappings of a normal parish, however one of its special quirks is that of the travelling Mary statues.

The events of parish life are always joyful at St Francis De Sales Parish in Salelologa.

On Sunday the 7th of July fifteen Ministers of the Word of God and twenty Ministers of the Eucharist made their renewals with the blessing of their ministry at the St Francis De Sales Parish in Salelologa, Savaii, Samoa. Their preparation begun the night before, with a seminar given by parish priest Fr Visesio Tovia Muliaga on the theme of “Faithful as God’s Servants”.

Introudcing the youngest parish of the East Asia - Oceania Region!

Saint John Bosco Parish of Nasinu, in Suva, Fiji is the baby of the Salesians in East-Asia Oceana, still in its infancy yet growing stronger day by day! Initial construction of the parish church begun last January and the presbytery has finally been opened but until now, the Parish hall has not been able to be completed, due to a year-long delay in the delivery of vital steel.