The first ever OzBosco Connect has been a massive success, surpassing all roadbumbs and difficulties that were thrown at it. Taking place across the weekend from the 14th to the 16th of August, it was a poignant celebration of all things Salesian, and for its participants, a great dosage of sorely needed positivity!

The Don Bosco Youth Camp in Gawler has been an exciting success for six years now, in no small part thanks to our fantastic and enthusiastic leaders.

I have always enjoyed our annual camp and loved seeing my friends there for a hectic few days. However, given it was only for a short time it began to leave me without a place to share the Salesian spirit very often.

The Australian summer forever seems to be a point of conversation – drought, scorching heat, a break from school that only gets longer as you progress through to senior years of schooling, and for Young Salesians – weeks of anticipation for the camps to begin.