After current supplies run out, Vatican City will no longer sell any single use plastic items in its territory

As the world contintes to struggle to find a meaningful response to the overwhelming issue of plastic waste, The Vatican City has made steps to reduce its own footprint. It will no longer sell single use plastic as soon as its current supplies run out, well ahead of the European Union's deadline of 2021.

Pope Francis says that the Eucharist exemplifies how God’s love can accomplish great things with very little

On Sunday, 23rd of June, Pope Francis celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi at an outdoor evening Mass in Rome’s Casal Bertone neighborhood for the feast of the Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Following the mass, A Eucharistic procession took place throughout the neighborhood, ending at a homeless shelter run by the Missionaries of Charity.

During his homliy for the mass, Pope Francis spoke to the importance of all people: “Whatever we have can bear fruit if we give it away – that is what Jesus wants to tell us – and it does not matter whether it is great or small. The Lord does great things with our littleness,”

Pope Francis has offered a critique of capitalism’s impact on the environment, calling for a response that hears “the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor”.

"The precarious condition of our common home has been the result largely of a fallacious economic model that has been followed for too long,” Pope Francis said on Friday.